04 August, 2010

I'm not exactly sure how much farther along I can go on like this. I try to be happy on my own and it lasts for about a month then the pukeface sadness returns. I could just scream because I hate it so much I wish the word didn't even exist then maybe it would leave me alone. I long for infinite happiness of course that is a mad dream but still I can aspire for something, can't I?
I can't stop being hungry, swallowing sleeping pills, pain pills, benadryl, or stealing my aunt's anti anxiety pills (those are actually the bestest).

I want a swandwich right now, and I'm not hungry so why deprive myself?

Dance dance dance to this do me a favor don't look at me while I do this with my eyes closed. Help me smile, help me laugh, help me breathe this bitter air, help me God please all I want is for the pain in my little heart to stop not the beat just the pain.Recovery

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ThePeSla said...

I miss your hair blowin in the wind... I still follow your blog- cheer up!

The PeSla