17 August, 2010

Explanations please.

I could go on and on about how I feel or the state of my emotions but I don't think anyone would care. Thats ok, who wants to hear someone complain. Instead, I'm taking a different outlook on life by embracing the mistakes I've made and use them as tools for my future conquests. Certain circumstances occur in our lives due to the fact that either 1.)We invite them to walk into our lives or 2.)Life throws us a curveball. Nothing, can be explained, just lived, experienced, tried, and tested. Most, of us do not live by the seat our pants but there is something to be said for that mentality, spontaniety; it allows us experience life on a totally different level. Sometimes, planning for the future doesn't mean everything will fall into place, it just means you've saved up a decent little stash to help you through what will happen next. But who's to say we may not die within a week from the day you retire or you meet with a millionaire; it could both ways, I like to be optimistic, though.

So with all that said lets see how this frame of mind works out for me and um I'll be sure to document it in this here, blog-o-rama.

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