03 July, 2010


If you live in a box you will suffocate, so then why am I stuck in one. Personally, and not emotionally or vice versa I cannot open up.

Am I stuck? Do I need progress or just a push into the atmosphere?

The sun is sooo bright today and I am wearing long sleeves, that happened to me a few days ago; sweat sweat sweat, my body dry.

With, black eyeliner smudges in my eyes I blink incessantly, I tear up unprovoked and grab your attention.

He was so cute that night, he had the greatest smile, and he let me lead the dance.

Still, the only person I really wanted to dance with that night was you. But, you knew how to let go so easy and that made me wonder.

It made me sad to know you couldn't fight for me.

And now I'm going to sleep its so late and I'm so high.

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