13 August, 2010

bad manners

If I tell you what I'm thinking then I know you will be receptive in some shape way or form. So then why would I get mad at your reaction if my personal thoughts were exposed only by my own doing?

I don't understand why people have to get so offended when another person speaks their mind. If you don't like it walk away, ignore it, pretend you don't have ears. And unless, your watching something on t.v. or YouTube please don't saY sHUTUP! It's super rude!!!

Ok, so if you don't understand what I'm talking about it doesn't matter that was just a personal thought on a situation I still can't get over between an ex-friend and I. Yes, ex-friend, they exist as well - he's an idiot and it doesn't matter anymore!!!

Anyway, I think this song helps me on my road to super duper happy times!!!

But most importantly, the thing is to be happy on the inside without abusing your mothers prescription drugs. Thats, never good, nor is smuggling them to your friends, just so they can keep inviting you to go out with them, Ahem, I'm a loser. I know, but you live, get burned, and learn. So there!

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