12 September, 2011

i just want to dance

I'm a maniac but you wouldn't believe it because blogger is too hard and complicated for me to use.

Sometimes I look at myself and say "dayummmm, I look good" but then when I go out in public like forever 21 and see my reflection in the mirror I'm like "who is she she's fuglay".

30 August, 2011

Hair I think is Dope

I haven't dyed my hair in like a year whats wrong with me anyway, Zipper magazine is currently inspiring me to take to the dye bottle!

29 August, 2011

I really need to get back into posting post on this blog,  I've totally abandoned all interest in it.  Anyway, Tumblr is to blame for all that so I'm gonna do here what i do there and maybe put some pics of myself up maybe.

So this is the style I'm currently phased into rightnow.  I dunno how to describe it I think its um preppy secondhand laidback conservative college drop-out look.