27 June, 2010

I would read my Blog

Cute Purikura Online cute

Cute Purikura Online cute

Cute Purikura Online cute

What do I do on a Sunday afternoon, take pictures of myself and add cute little borders all while eating FunYuns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 June, 2010

My wish day

So today I went to the Goodwill, because I live on a budget but I still want to buy a lot. Plus, there are some shoes that while overly priced will remain in my memory until purchased. Thank heaven for sales.

I documented the highlights of my day, lame, but pretty darn accurate.

14 June, 2010

sometimes how i feel

So sometimes I feel like I'm just going going going but not really getting anywhere. Thank God for God I just let him do all the thinking for me because lately I seem to be messing everything up. Everytime it looks like everything is lined up just perfectly some strange wind comes and blows it all away. I'm happy but I don't know why but I'm not crazy or anything like that I hope I just try to laugh most of the time, Ok, so that may sound a little crazy but sanity is overrated anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got to admit this is how I feel sometimes going, and going, and going...

13 June, 2010

Currently obsessed with these websites: http://www.rowky.com/ and http://www.lemoncookie.com/
Their clothes are soooo wonderfully awesome and amazing not to mention the style inspiration you'll get just when checking out their awesomeness.  Here are a few examples☺
Ok, so my graphic art skills are a bit lacking but you get the idea (I hope). These aren't the best pics either but I'm so freakin' lazy anyway here's a video i made I think its kind of a better example☻

04 June, 2010

Happy Donut Weekend!!!!!!!!

Lets all Dance and eat donuts especially these kind:
donut Pictures, Images and Photos

Elfen Lied Pictures, Images and Photos
Her hair I loooove it:

01 June, 2010

I ♥ Japanese Fashion

I'm officially obsessed with Japanese fashion I wish I knew the language unfortunately I don't but pictures are universal and I found this great channel on Youtube that scans all their magazines:


Ahhh, I could look at these all day(:
oh, and on a cuter note:

The music is pretty romantic too!