04 September, 2010

Well, well, what have we here???

So I've decided I'm going to be happy from now on, how many times have I said that? At least, one hundred and a zillion times but this time I mean it ok I've always meant it but without medication its impossible.
I cut my own bangs and whats up with my eyes?  Anyway, I think I did a pretty good job, my Mommy said so and thats all that counts. Yup, so wanna know what I'm dancing to:

Yes, doesn't it just want to make you mooooove? Well, it makes me move. Geez, I like the happy part of my manic episodes but they don't last very long hopefully I'll be jolly till the weekends over!
I pray to Jesus everyday for a cure. I hear standing on your head releases serotonin to the brain naturally, I've heard I haven't tried it yet standing on my head kinda scares me because I always feel like I'm going to break my neck in the process. I cut my bangs twice a week now just for fun and I only have 19 dollars to my name at the moment so you understand why I've christened myself a hair stylist. This made me smile and think of my Grandma (she passed away in '03) I believe she got down to this style of dancing:

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